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Featured Artist
Lark (Larisa Pilinsky )

Born in the remote mountains of central Asia, Lark (Larisa Pilinsky) grew up in Ukraine and studied art in Russia. She first became known for her work with the award-winning Bunker Art Group of Armenia - fellow rebels in abstractio - against Soviet artistic repression.

Since emigrating to the United States in 1991, Lark has been recognized by respected critics and dealers. Her assemblages and, more recently, her paintings, have been featured in more than 30 solo and group shows including the Nickelodeon Animation Studios, the Avatar Art Gallery, the Swedish-American Museum of Art, and the Museums of Contemporary Art in Armenia and Russia. Lark's work has been selected through juried competitions by the SoHo International Art Competition and the Foundation of Collage Artists of America.

Lark creates her artworks through spiritual meditation, encouraging images to appear out of her subconscious, awakening both familiar and unfamiliar thoughts in viewers. Learning about her materials by exploring both their formal and their narrative qualities, she simultaneously reformulates them according to her deeply emotional, poetically romantic sense of beauty.

Their original functions discarded, their origins long forgotten, the objects she engages and interacts with are free to play imagined roles, resonating within one another and telling countless tales.


Enjoy the Artwork of Lark

Paintings 2006-2008
For larger view, click on images. Call 323.201.2184 for more info.
Grandma Music
Sunset Kiss
Samsara Spinning

Music Of Samsara


Akhmatova in Paris

Village of Love

Spring Affinity

Lilac Affinity




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