There are Still Ripples on Water
"Using the interaction of spiritual meditation and found objects I encourage images to appear from my subconscious"

Born in the remote mountains of central Asia, where her father was a geologist, and surrounded by wild nature, beautiful minerals and semi-precious stones, Lark (Larisa Pilinsky) developed from her childhood intimate relationship with the world around her.

“Nature for me is alive, tender, joyful and suffering, she tells me about her feelings and helps me to share mine through art and poetry. She gives me energy, inspiration and healing when I feel physical or emotional pain.”

Using her unique style, composed from meditation and intuition, Lark brings subconscious reflections of nature into her art, inviting viewers to experience its healing powers.

From the beginning fo her art career, Lark’s masterful play with materials, textures and surfaces, and her unique ability to arrange them in orchestrated, visual stories caught the attention of art lovers and gained recognition from art jurors including LA Weekly critic Peter Frank, Sweeney Art Gallery director Tyler Stallings, Santa Monica Museum of Art director Lisa Melandri and  MOCA curator Alma Ruiz.

In 2009-2010 articles about Lark's art achievements were published in the Immigrant Magazine, Art to Art Palete and American Chronicles describing her work and career.





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