My Meditations

Larisa Pilinsky (Ma Jivan Khelie)
Award winning artist, published poet and meditator with 25 years experience
shares her unique knowledge in an intuitive - meditative way to generate joy in life
and to create art, poetry and anything else that your soul is craving for


My favorite meditation is the laughing meditation.
Sometimes I do it early in the morning when everybody else is asleep. The most difficult thing for me is to start laughing about nothing, but when I do start, this nothing seems to be so funny and joyful! And hearing my own childish and stupid laughter makes me laugh even more intensely. It is difficult to stop then, and it brightens the rest of my day. To do this meditation I have to have a really high level of energy, a good level of craziness, and nobody else around. Otherwise, I like to awaken my soul during the day by doing my own walking meditation, as described here.

My walking meditation: When walking, imagine that you are much taller than you are. Look from this higher viewpoint, watching attentively all the things that you can see around you. Try to include yourself walking in this picture. Keep this feeling of being taller than you are, lighter than you are. Consciously absorb the energy of joy that is dissolved in the air, through the top of your head. Feel as though it’s a shower of light, washing away all your worries and problems, and coming to the area just below your navel. Concentrate the energy there and then let it go again to the top of your head. Stay with the feeling of lightness and joy for as long as possible.

I’ve finally learned how to walk on air,
Taking soft and gracious steps toward heaven,
And not to fall down.
It’s fun! It’s easy.
I know.
I just have to be lighter than sky
And brighter than light.
I have to be free from anger and greed,
They have too much weight
To fly with.
And jealousy is a dangerous thing,
My wings will be burnt by its fire.
Joy is what lifts me up, like balloons.
And Love.
You can’t see my flight?
It’s fine.
It’s still fun
For me.

My walking-on-the-ceiling meditation: I have been doing this since my childhood. It gives you the sense of being weightless and in a different dimension. You can also do it if you spend a lot of time at the computer and your eyes get tired. Relax, look up, and imagine that you are walking on the ceiling. Explore all the things that are there; lamps are very interesting if you can imagine you are walking around them. Imagine that you are touching the things around you, listen to all the sounds; feel, smell, be light. Again, as in the previous exercise, absorb consciously the energy of joy through the top of your head.