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"Lark's new foray into abstract
represents her impressions
of the vivid, darkly
rural settings of her youth in Russia.
She loads her heavy brush strokes
not only with paint but emotion.
She creates not only beauty
but life with its attendant
joys and pain ."

Lark Twilight Zone

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Collage 1999-2002

Collage 2003-2006

Painting 2002-2006

Painting 2002-2006

Painting 2006-2007

Painting 2007-2008



After the rain by Lark Larisa Pilinsky
Light Play 2 LArk

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Where are you?

Light Play
just happened by Lark
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Power of Water
2011, 10 "x 16 "
Light Play 1
2011, 16" x20"
Where are you?
2011, 35 "x35"
Light Play 2
2011, 16"x20"
Just Happened
2011, 10 " x 18 " sold
Spring Gates

mystery stoun storm


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spacerSpring Gates
2011, 16"x20"

2011, 30"x 40"