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"With her deeply emotional sense of beauty and romance,
Lark uses found objects
to create light and space


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LARK (Larisa Pilinsky)




Art Statement

The Magic in My Art and Heart

For me creation is a dialogue with the world. I listen to voices that could lead my hand, and watch things that appeal to my eyes. I don’'t always know when I will start working on my art. Perhaps it will be five minutes. Or five hours. Or five days.

I can stop right in the middle of my studio after seeing something that attracts my attention. It could be a broken mechanism or an interesting combination of colorful papers and cardboards. Or just a torn shoe lace tenderly hugging another torn shoe lace, the two of them starting a new drama for me.

I cannot help but hear and become absorbed in listening to the rusty voice of an old metal bed frame, the elegant nostalgic whisper of an old silk tissue, the kindly rural chatter of a wooden armoire, or the sexy baritone of a velvet glove.

Together these impressions of my senses turn into a group of actors in costume, an orchestra of colors, and ballet of lines and shapes. All I need now - to choose who will be the star today: who will be prima ballerina, and who will go into the shade.

This mystical playtime often keeps me up until early in the morning, when my husband has been long asleep and my dog snores happily at my feet. Eventually, I have to end the drama and finish the picture.

For you who view my work, I hope this well be a new beginning. Feel free to begin a dialogue with my picture and, through it, my world. Make the play as endless as you like. Vary the heroes, actors and music. Make this world come alive with the magic of your imagination.