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"With her deeply emotional sense of beauty and romance,
Lark uses found objects
to create light and space



Thursday February 8th from 11 AM to 10 PM



Will be on view from January 11 through March 4th at the new Red Dot
Gallery in the downtown arts district. In the more than 50 paintings,
assemblages, and mixed media, Larisa Pilinsky ("Lark") and Gregor
Mikayelyan ("Kiki") explore ultra dimensional time and place. A
reception for the artists will be held in conjunction with the
Downtown Artwalk on Thursday February 8th from 11 AM to 10 PM.
Red Dot Gallery is located at 118 W 5th Street (5th and Spring)

Los Angeles. Hours are from 11 AM -9 PM daily.

When viewers first experience the work of Lark and Kiki they often
feel they have entered into another dimension, a Kingdom of the Soul
beyond the limits of the visible, tangible world.

Included in the exhibition are an important new selection from Kiki's
series of "Bobo" paintings, based on an every person character, which
unites all the experiences and emotions of humanity, Many of these
paintings permanently reside in collections in the US, Russia,
Germany, Estonia and Armenia.

will also showcase the first major showing of Lark's new abstract landscapes,
which are rich in heavy brush strokes, natural objects and emotion. Lark's
assemblages have been featured in more than 30 solo and group shows in
the US, Armenia and Russia.

The tense, terse beauty of the work of both artists reflects their
membership in the dissident, anti-representational Bunker Art Group
from the former Soviet Union. Over the years a group of experimental
Armenian painters came together in Armenia's capital city, Yerevan,
and took the risk to express their emotions through the color, line
and philosophy of abstract art. When late Soviet repression gave way
to perestroika, the group emerged from the basement, taking the name
"Bunker" as a reminder of its previous underground status. The Bunker
group, now grown to include members of many different nationalities, has become international in scope, and recognized by major art critics.

Their credo might be found in Kiki's statement: "The value of art lies
is in its ability to draw nature when the real becomes momentarily
unreal, when skies become red, clouds- light green. These moments-
when nature moves from one state to another-are the moments when
nature gives birth to miracles and inspiration to artists."